Reading progress update: I've read 94%.

Dead of Winter - Kresley Cole

This is a good example of why i enjoy this series so much.

"You bagged the Lovers!" Finn hobbled into the courtyard to meet us, Cyclops at his heels.
When Selena paled, Jack stepped in to say, "They're done, podna." He dismounted, then helped her down. "I'll tell you about it once we've rested up."
Rest. All i wanted was to drop facedown and starfish my cot."

Hahahaha. I weirdly enough really enjoy the humor in this book - reminds me a lot of cassie palmer actually. Also its gory as fuck occasionally and fairly action packed. all things i enjoy.

Also i just noticed. 94%!!!! NOOOOOOOO this means i've almost finished the book!! but the forth one hasnt been written yet!!! *tears*

oh and update - now Selena will never get with Jack, unless one of the boys die or give up being with Evie, at least one of them is screwed -_- thanks Cole, low blow much?