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Dead of Winter - Kresley Cole

How much does this lady know of horses cause I've come across quite a few issues already

1) if your horse is freaking out from bullets and 'takes off' its not going to be doing a fucking trot. do you know how fast that is? not very. Even with obstacles in the way a horse can move! I can do turning poles (ugh i can;t think of the proper gaming name)  at a canter, and the highest place i won doing that was 2nd. Horses are intelligent and (for the most part) incredibly agile, they can do things you wouldn't believe, but they're flight animals - if your going to be shooting a gun, unless your horse is trained for that particular noise, it's going to bolt - at times they'll even injure or kill themselves to get away from certain situations if frightened enough. This horse isn't going to be casually trotting away.

2) if you have someone wearing FULL BODY armor, is over 6ft, ripped with muscles, you know what horse breed he wont be riding? an arab! not even if its crossed with a 'tank' least chose a stocky/large warmblood breed!!! The man i use to ride for bred Andalusian x Percheron > now if you got a big breed of those that would be more appropriate! and they can occasionally have the thin nose like the arab's - our's didnt. Thinking about it if you want to go for show and intimidation, you can't look past a Frisian.
I'd kill to ride one (probably have to kill a few people with how much they're worth!!)


Oh Baby....


Frisian - full body