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Dead of Winter - Kresley Cole

Im up to chapter 23. its a bit ridiculous that Evie has both a bf and husband, even by Arcana standards. why couldn't the author just keep it as only a bf? why do they always need to add an extra love interest? Ugh I hate extra love interests. and of course because i was shipping Jack over Aric (death) they had to make it so he started screwing up, he already had enough issues that he and Evie worked through - it was nice, the relationship wasnt easy but they were kind of making it work with lots of effort of both sides.... Now here's Aric, has a complicated history with evie (which i personally dont think counts - but of course Evie is a massive wuss and a bleeding heart) no only has he tried to coerce her into sex and a relationship, he has tricked her, kept things from her, kid napped her, threatened her etc etc, pretty bad stuff but of course now that Jack is going down hill in morals he comes prancing along apologizing for all bad deeds etc, and like i said Evie with her fucking bleeding heart - I'd leave both the butt-faces in the ditch and go chill with cyclops.