WTF is it called The Buried Giant?

The Buried Giant - Kazuo Ishiguro

Why did I read this? What was the point of it? why was it so highly recommended? my life view hasn't changed in anyway, I'm not moved, I'm mainly just bewildered as fuck.

What was the point of this book? For all intents and purposes i have almost no answers after reading this book, it was shrouded in mystery from beginning to end. I think i might be even more confused about the book after i finished reading it > how is that even possible?

Well to save you guys from reading this book I'll sum it up for you. We have our two main characters, Beatrice and Axl. There some mysterious old age, lets guess 80's, they have almost zero memory of their past (this includes things that happened even an hour before) no they're not suffering from Alzheimer's, everyone is suffering from this mysterious Mist that clouds all thoughts. They all of a sudden decide to depart of this epic journey across country to meet up with a son, which the can barely remember and have no clue where he actually lives. As they travel they come across many a random strangers and monsters, some friendly some..not so much. In one town they save a boy from death by simply taking him away, they also travel with a warrior. We know almost nothing about these two, still dont except the boy has been bitten and can lead them to the mysteries behind the mist, the warrior is a Saxon here to stop the mist so he can get on with conquering the land because of horrendous past deeds. We learn about some war stories, why the mist was create, and some weird shit bouncing around inside of the boy's strange head. (view spoiler)
So yea the epic journey continues, we occasionally swap POV to the others, and everyone is talking in the hideous polite town that bores almost everything they say, because it makes a sentence much longer and more complicated then necessary. The four travelers come across a Knight, who has a not so surprising twist at the end, some messed up and twisted monks (who occasionally get eaten by crows) then the group split up, do some more traveling, some how stumble upon each other, figure out the mysteries of the mist....then I'm a little confused from there.... oh spoiler here > there's son dead! surprise! then I believe (view spoiler)
So Yea that pretty much sums up the book. I have no clue what going on and more answer than ever.

The world building was pretty awesome, we had some really interesting background and stories, problem is we never get to explore it so while the glimpses were great there not enough to make this book good.

I'll rate this book 2 stars (more like 1.5 stars) because of those little glimpses, and because i felt a little sad over the love lost in the end, did i feel for the characters? not particularly. But i have a soft spot for old fogies and they had been through so much, was kinda sad the way things ended. And because this book managed to make me read all of it even though the whole way through i was confused as to why i continued (maybe a little bit of mist crept out?) man I'm so annoyed i didnt get ANY BLOODY ANSWERS!

So yea, not something i recommend to other readers for the simple fact i don't see anything gained by reading this book, just time spent.