Started watching Anime on Netflix of late - has anyone noticed anime (i should insert here, when I'm saying anime, i mean the more adult - Japanese? based - versions) has an annoying habit of not finishing the story line and being depressing? though maybe thats just the ones i happen to see. Apparently a large amount of Anime loose funding mid-way through and so to finish the story you have to read the comic version - personally I'm not that big on comics, which is why i was watching the show in the first place. And the story-lines I've watched tend to end really depressing and heart breaking, okay okay I've watched like 4 so I'm no expert but its just something I've notice.

Anime's I've watched:



Which was awesome, they all had their own unique abilities and kicked major butt, but depressing cause all the characters i got attached to died...all of them. I'm also fairly sure it didn't finish the story-line. But i can't say for sure as its been a while since I've watched this.


hellsing was probably the first anime i watched all the way through, it was messed up, completely weird and brutal and i loved it. The characters were fascinating and i enjoyed the cases the duo went one - reminds me of a twisted version of the first few books in anita blake series (not sure why but it does) can't remember how this one ended... its been forever, i really need to re-watch it. and no i never got into the priest story.

Samurai Champloo

samurai champloo

I would say this one s my favorite so far. I adored the characters and their odd back stories and the weird friendship and acceptance they seem to form with each other based on honor and a promise they made to the girl - who was amusingly useless for the most part, but kept the other two in line. it was great and not at all depressing, but i recall being bummed when it ended, probably just cause i wanted it to last forever and ever.

Jing: King of Bandits

I don;t recall much, except a blue bird, they stole things and had to defeat a dude that was uber strict and could control time.....

Attack of the Titans
attack of the titans

Depressing!!! pretty sure i cried in the first scene. most people die. plus is awkward as hell when giant naked people are running around on screen and your housemate comes home..... pretty sure he thought i was some very strange cartoon porn. good news there bring out more season so it doesnt end randomly.

This one i actually just finished watching the other night, it was interesting. The first episode reminded me of something that has been discussed quite a bit on booklikes of late - that of Japanese prison camps for the undesired (pretty much brain washing camps) but then after that this show just went all messed up and brutal, but it was interesting and i enjoyed it. I only got to see till season 1 (apparently there's more that i plan on watching) it was a good ending but depressing (poor pops). reminded me a lot of karma....

Blue Exorcist
blue exorcist

I've only just started watching this - but its interesting so far. love the demons.

And there's this other one that i started watching... i cant recall the name of it...ahh thats right Berserk. But EVERYONE who has watched it say's by the end they're balling there eyes out cause its depressing as hell....and who on earth wants to do that? that sounds horrible and painful.

There's one or two others I've watched and havent mentioned and quite a few I've started and havent finished but I'm seeing a theme..... maybe i should just stay away from anime...but they're so funny, and sarcastic and brutal and honest about humanity (sometimes, some are just messed up) and i get a kick out of it.