Reading progress update: I've read 102 out of 352 pages.

The Buried Giant - Kazuo Ishiguro

Pretty positive this is the first book I have ever read where the main characters are two old farts... Its definitely different! lol.

I think why everyone is drawn into this story is not only for the unusual POV's but also due to the fact pretty much everything is shrouded in mystery, we pretty much know nothing - and neither do the characters.

The Number of things unknown to us:

 - The Mist - where did it come from, what does it do? how long has it been around? is it causing the memory loss?
 - The loss of memory affecting everyone - how long has it been happening, why is it happening?
 - Why some people remember more than others - older people seem to remember better.
 - The characters past (i believe the male use to be in the army, they use to live somewhere else, why did they move, why can't they remember there family, who are they?)

 - Where there going (at the moment there on a mission to an unknown location of someone they can barely recall - there's a reason why they havent left earlier, but they can't remember that either)
 - The boy & the bite (travelling with the duo) he even weirder compared to everyone else. serial killer in the making much!?
 - The Warrior (who is he, what does he want? and who is he lying to? the boy or oldies? is he working for the king? why does he recommend the old man?)
 - The Island/boat people. Plus all the crying lovers.

There's probably more they i can't recall at the moment - but yea this book is pretty much one giant mystery..... but i like it..... its weird.