2nd time reading. Good stuff.

Endless Knight - Kresley Cole

Still a really good read but not as good as the first book in my opinion. It was interesting seeing a new side of Eve but we didnt really get to experience much of that side as she spent most of the time mooning over one boy or another, then becoming other peoples prisoner. Personally i dont give much of a rat's ass what Aric think's Evie owns him, he (view spoiler) someone else in my books, Yea that bitch was Evil but no way should Evie have to make up for her actions nor should she be forced into doing something because of a guilty conscious. She should be free to make her choices in her own time, not pressured or threatened, and while Jack is also quite a big douche i still prefer him over Aric who's even more douche. O.o anyways off that annoying subject, the rest of the characters were great, it was nice exploring more of they grey side of peoples personality, as I'm a big believe in not everything is black and white, and this book explored this quite well. the world was also interesting, we got to meet the cannibals up close and personal, which while not exactly nice i was intrigued, plus they were pretty nasty > overall this book wasnt as horror filled as the first one.
I think that somewhat sums up everything, sorry for the random rambling and jumping from one subject to another with my terrible use of grammar, I'm watching Hero's at the same time, so I'm distracted.