Re-Read, well listen.

Poison Princess - Kresley Cole

The way this book is set up is just brilliant! You're told from the beginning that this is a re-telling but as you continue along you get so sucked into the story that you completely forget! which is why the ending is so spectacular. Eve surprises you when she says she was just playing a roll that she left certain details out, that she left hints for us to follow and boy did we follow them!! So as you can imagine the ending came as a real shock! I've read this book before and i was still surprised! to be fair i read poison princess when it first came out which was forever ago!
Actually the only reason I'm not giving this book 5 stars (which was my original rating) is because the characters drove me bonkers at times, completely and utterly batty with their ridiculous behaviours and fucked up priorities. But the ending razed the rating plus i rather enjoyed everything else.

Listening to this instead of reading it made me feel like i had a new perspective on the story, which was interesting and nice. The narrators Emma Galvin & Keith Nobbs) did a great job (though there was a few issues there as well) but i do admit i occasionally became very impatient with how slow listening is rather than reading - its not a very big book, i imagine i could smash it out in a day, but listening took me a few days, and occasionally i was confused with what was happening so i had to back-track, or i would get distracted and miss a part, and sometimes telling the internal thoughts from the external speech was difficult. But otherwise good stuff, loved the accents! might even listen to the next one via audio, dont know yet... well see.