Reading progress update: I've read 36 out of 339 pages.

Night's Cold Kiss - Tracey O'Hara

I'm enjoying the world & the creatures, but the book as a whole so far could be better. For one I'm sure century old vampires could come up with better phrases rather than having to repeat one another.

'christian placed her outstretched hand to his lips. "Akentia - you're looking as lovely as ever."
The regal Aeyernus Elder accepted his compliment with a graceful tilt of her head. "and you, Christian, are as charming as ever."

On top of that i can already tell this book is going to be sexually focused, which always seems tacky when vampires are involved, plus they never go to the full effort to seduce just use magical mojo powers, which is just lazy writing. Yea sure the characters may be swayed by their magical 'seducation' powers but i as a reader am not, i need more than, he was incredible hot, smiled at her and she jizz her pants cause you know scorching hot smile. << obviously not from the book but you get what i mean, it does nothing for me.