Reading progress update: I've listened 70 out of 100 minutes.

Poison Princess - Kresley Cole

55% (ish) - Chapter 26 - I forgot how annoying and dickish Jack could be. -_- not impressed buddy. 

60% - 'Transferred into "I will cut a bitch". lol.

65%What an idiot. She should have ran down saying they needed to leave ASAP cause Mat was in the process of drowning and he could have come back afterwards, or the chick could go with them - petty shit like relationship status and who's sleeping with who means nothing when someone is dying. Just tell the dickwod you have to go!!! UGH.

68%Well tell him you IDIOT!!!

70%OMG. just rescue the kid! tell him you need to rescue the kid! Fucking fuck fuck i want to smack er so hard over the head right now... with a brick.




So this was all my frustration and rage while listening today. So glad I'm not a teenager anymore. Talk about getting your priority's right!