Brain Pain

Poison Princess - Kresley Cole

Almost 50% the way through this audio book. For the most part I'm quite enjoying it, though i still find it hard to concentrate and occasionally have to go back and re-listen to certain sections, not sure ow well i'd fair if i hadnt read this book previously.

Just came across a section that cause me to have a serious brain pain moment. Jackson and Eve's mum have been telling her she needed to leave, that these terrible army was coming and they where going to rape and torture her. Eve's response, i dont care i'll take anything to help my mother (she needed a doctor) so Jackson tells her this horrifying story of his friend to get her into perspective (grow some brains) of course she waits until the very last minute to decide to make a run for it - of curse she hasnt prepared either like she was told, her shit wasnt packed, she hasnt released her horse and they still need to burn down the crops. i know i know, technically not her fault, she's a naive spoilt school girl living in an apparently privilege part of america...but still!! grow a brain you dimwit.
Otherwise very enjoyable stuff, i like the two different perspectives, her's and the serial killers that she's currently in the lair of - very good idea, kudos Cole.