What Kind Of Sleeper Are You? (QUIZ)

Have to say i was rather surprised they got the answer correct based on the random questions they asked.



'In a study at the University of Barcelona in Spain, researchers concluded that night owls (people who prefer to stay up late and sleep in) tend to be much more imaginative types. So if you fall into this category, you are a person who lets creativity rule. Dr. Argelinda Baroni told CBS News, “Creative people tend to be night owls.” In addition, you are much more inclined to take risks. You are not afraid to be impulsive and you enjoy living an extravagant life. Your late hours may not be for everyone, but your creative mind thrives when the rest of the world is in bed!'


Source: http://teacherprobs.com/what-kind-of-sleeper-are-you-your-personality-reveals-the-answer