Poison Princess - Kresley Cole

Me and Joan buddy read poison princess the first time round, we're actually up to the third book (which we also plan on reading together) - but its been so long since we've read book 1 & 2 we're a little blurry on the details. So we decided to re-read the whole series! exciting stuff. anyways i heard a little audio sample via goodreads and suggested that an audio-version this time round might be a good idea, and here we are!!

So far I'm rather enjoying it - this will be my second audio book - the first one i wasnt very impressed with, but already the narrator is holding my interest and the voices are superbly done! so much detail and change, every voice sounds unique, in the tone, speed, and even accents. can't wait to here jacks voice!
not sure how spot on they are, as i have met like two americans in my life, neither of which came from this area, but I'm enjoying it none the less!!