Huntress - Malinda Lo

I've had this book on my TBR list since i was 17? 18? its been quite a while and I've been looking forward to it for what seems like forever! much to my disappointment it wasn't as spectacular as i had hoped, I'll admit i imagine if i read it when i first added it to my TBR list i probably would of thoroughly enjoyed it, now I'm reading more complex and better scripted books and sadly Huntress just couldnt hold up to them. It wasnt bad, just not as ....in-depth as i had hoped, the races and cultures could have been developed more, the characters where a bit bland, a few of them died or almost died and i didnt get even slightly moist eyes! now that tells you something!
But it does ave some good features, for one its i believe the first YA book i have read with a f/f relationship which is nice, they where cute together as well. The expectations of Keade where handled well, she had a complicated relationship with her father due to his roll in relation to the emperor - yes it could have been handled better with more detail but at least it was there, which i appreciate.

really if you want an Asian theme, where a girl goes off to fight the bad guys and win the day you can't go past Mulan (great movie) otherwise i would only recommend this book to early teens who would (in theory) appreciate it more than I.

Rating 2.5 stars - seems a little harsh, it wasnt a bad book, and there were moments.... but i wanted more from this book. The rating system on GRs is 2 stars = ok, 3 stars = i like it, this is smack in the middle of that, so therefor my rating in 2.5