possibly not worth four stars, but james.....

Time Salvager - Wesley Chu

This book had its fair share of problems, but i enjoyed it none the less, mainly because of the main character, James and the crazy world that Chu created, then turned around and dropped of its head - changing all the rules! I enjoyed the change though, shook things up!

Most of the characters were interesting, but i found that there personalities were inconsistent and it bothered me. James on the other hand was so messed up no matter his behaviour i wasnt all that surprised, he was so tortured from years and years of killing people or watching them die that i couldn't help but form a soft spot for him. To me, he made this book, this book would only be worth 2.5 stars without him. I'll admit it took me a while to enjoy his perspective (well enjoy isnt the right phrase, but all i can think of for now) but in the end i couldnt wait to learn more about him, and see the world through his unique if fucked up prospective. Even now three days later i enjoy thinking about him, it weird, but i dont mind.

This is definitely a writer to keep an eye on! though he should fire his editor, cause they did a pretty piss-poor job, i even came across sentences that mid way through dropped down into the next line... for no reason, like someone had just randomly pressed 'enter' O.o and that wasnt the only issue! there was quite a few of them.

All in all pretty good. wish there was more james.