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Time Salvager - Wesley Chu

The female character personality is all over the place. First she didnt want to wear a laser beam wrist thing cause she was a pacifist, but hey it was fun to shoot so she learnt, two seconds later when she came across someone the first thing she did was aim at them!! then we that person took off she chased after him, realising he was a kid and she just scared the crap out of him.... which lead to him falling 2 stories down and breaking his leg. so climbs down to help him then states this:


'He tried to kick her with his broken leg and howled when it connected wit her shins. They both cried out in pain.Elise had babysat hundreds of times, and the best way to handle a child acting up was to let him wear himself out. However, this child had a knife in his hand and she didn't have the time, so she gave him one measured look and then slapped him across the face.'

cause you know with being a pacifist and claiming she would never ever hurt a fly, slabbing little kids around is the next logical step, never mind the fact she almost shot him just moments beforehand. Of course this child going up in the era he did, on this waste land filled with monstrous people isnt shocked at all and continues waving the knife at her for his own safety...... wrong! apparently the child has never been slapped before (or so it would seem) as he's shocked enough to drop his only means of defense from a stranger who just tried to shoot him, then chased him...... hmmm yes, that makes complete and utter sense......