Hmmm. Not The Best of Luck

So on the way to work my car decided to have a little melt down...... kind of. I've been driving with a spare tire on my car for about 2 weeks now (i know i know terrible business, but its fairly similar to my over tires, just older and not as good quality) so apparently the metal wires that keep everything together came apart as i was driving - i managed to get my car to the BP just down the road from my work. So i gave the BP dudes a heads up my car wasn't going to be moving for a while, jogged off to work and got on with my day (also had a fairly spectacular shitty day at work, yay) then i called RACQ to come and rescue me. The first dude that came out was absolutely lovely, he was really kind, told me what was wrong and gave me my options and allowed me to choose - i choose to be towed. Then he contacted then necessary people and went off about rescuing other people, like a hero it blue and fluro yellow. It was about 5.45pm by this time. I then sat in my car and continued reading. The tow truck came and pick me and my wuss of a car up at about 6.59pm and took us home. He was also a rather nice man, we chatted about car crashes. 


All in all not terrible - i had signed up with RACQ the previous week, so everything was free! i still get paid for 7.5 hours of work (i was half an hour late) and i got in some excellent reading which i have been unable to do of late and meet some nice people. and i got this fun photo.


rescue of car


I still have to get my original tire patched (i ran over a nail, which is why i was using the spare) and buy a new spare. Both of which are going to be a mish cause my car has beastly tires that weigh a ton (not literally) and will cost more $$ than i wish to spend, but life happens. Cant wait till i get my car back and in working shape.... catching the bus everywhere is annoying!