Pretty Face, Pretty Mind.

Uglies - Scott Westerfeld

Finished this book the other day. I really like the crazy things Scott is able to come up with - living in his mind would be an incredible journey! I'm dubious that i would survive, but it would be totally worth it.


So since the beginning of time (my reading time, which started some... sheesh 6 years ago) everyone is going on how this series is pretty much a must, and i get it, Scott Westerfeld is pretty much a genius and everything he writes will be enjoyable. So i finally got around to picking up the book and as i predicted it was an enjoyable read! I really wish i had read it when i was younger, as Tally seems quite young to me, But the world, the idea, the politics... all of it is fantastic and so unique who couldn't but help to enjoy learning about this incredible and different-but similar world? I love the idea how Everyone is turned pretty so there are no wars, how there's a secret... army? police? keeping watch and making sure nothing destroys there precious idea even if that involves them doing horrendous things (though to be fair they keep their hands pretty clean, only 2 people died) and how each section of population looks different to the others, to keep everything more controlled, more governed, it was brilliant!

I actually went straight onto the next book when i completed this one as i wanted to experience the new Tally in her new life as a Pretty, pretty face, pretty mind, pretty life. I got a few chapters in before i picked something else up (seems to be a trend with this series) but i rather enjoy this new...perspective and I'm looking forward to going and reading the rest. But library books are calling my name and i really should finish them - our library charges, the bastards.


Anyways good read. Always looking forward to more Scott Westerfeld.