Such a pretty cover

The Hush - Skye Melki-Wegner

Finished this a while back now and didn't right a review cause I'm apparently a lazy sod. The important part is i recall my feelings about the book. It reminded me kind of like a YA version of Mistborn, I'm not really sure why cause they dont have all that in common but i feel like its a compliment anyways cause Mistborn is an amazing book/series.

The Idea behind this book is incredible, not executed quite as well as it could have been but in its own right still a really fun and enjoyable read. I love the Hush, the monsters living in the hush, the twist about the monsters, The religion, and the thought behind the song! oh and the music, the music was complicated and lovely and just... all of it was incredible. actually probably the only thing to let this book down was the characters, dont get me wrong they are pretty good, but i feel like i wanted more from them, i know I'm a greedy bastard, but being that this is my review i get to make my demands. They just felt a little YA to me, but that might just be me, or my faulty memory, though i did love to the length they all went to for their own secret purposes and needs, love, revenge, family, fear, anger, hatred. I wouldnt have mind exploring the characters a little more actually, I felt a bit like the main character, we were dumped into this new world, with these new side-kicks who had already formed friendships and done all these incredible things before i arrived then we went on our short little mission, rescued the world and was on our mary way. I want more! i want more stories of previous sneaking and spying and stealing, i want more stories of how people meet and why they joined (well i know why they all joined but i didnt get to slowly unravel it with them, while deciding if they were to be trusted or not) we were the last member to join and there food a good chunk of the story had already happened without us! you know what this book needs? a prequel!! a prequel would be perfect - where we get to watch the 2 captains slowly pick up the other members of the team and all there (what sounds like) mind-blowingly-awesome adventures!! they stole a ship for christ sakes and we didnt even get to be a part of it!

Anyways thats my rant. rating this book 3.5 stars. might slide it up to four, not sure yet.