Is it talent? when one can be this disturbed but also romantic?

By the Fates, Freed - Patricia D. Eddy

So i managed to binge read almost all of this book in two days, finishing just before my deadline, like the champ i am.....


Anyways have to say this book had its moments. Some of it was really well written, I felt drawn into the interesting world and characters. The 3 different races were brilliant, not original in idea, but well thought out and for the most part well executed.

I love how passionate the witch race was and how horrendous and immoral the devil race was (even if i still think the name sounds weird) The human race was a little boring - but isnt that always the case? not that the human characters weren't great, but the race itself in comparison to the other two was a bit more bland.


The characters where entertaining, though the amount of sex in this book is a tad ridiculous. If i recall correctly the book even opens up on a sex scene? Then we have some horrid rape and torture and more rape, plus a death. Two weeks later the victim is screwing her 'mate; like a bunny after being imprisoned in the above scenario for 10 years? yea pretty far fetched.

Dont get me wrong the relationship was beautifully implemented and some of the things they said to each other gave me the feels, i just wished the author could have spread it (time period) out over a longer period, so the idea didn't seem so ridiculous, cause they did come off as a great couple that connected well. But the fact that the main character got over her severe abuse enough to have sex of her own free will in less than a month? nope i just can't run with that. Actually the book lost a star for this alone, even though besides the timing the after effects were handled rather well.


The change of POV was flawless and very well done - the name above, at the beginning of a chapter was extremely handy, but the characters themselves had different 'inner voices' so you could tell when you started reading who's POV you were reading from.

On another note i did notice a hint of Irish? Scottish throughout the book which i thought was a nice touch and something i rather enjoyed. I think Ireland comes off as a fairly magical place (must be the whole lepricorn thing) which mixed well with the rest on the story line, even though I'm under the impression the world is set in a completely made up place.

The book could have possibly ended a littler earlier as well - not that i didn't enjoy reading it! - but the twist with the shackle and the sister? bit much on top of everything else.


Overall a decent first book (if you can make it pass the brutal beginning and over look a few things) The characters made this book, and i enjoyed how the romance between the two main characters was innocent, we never seem to get enough of that in other adult books. yea it had its issues but the important thing is i enjoyed myself while reading and looked forward to picking up the book every time i put it down. I'm even looking forward to the next installment (though hopefully with less sex scene's).



Oh also in case i didn't point it out enough - if you cant read about abuse (physical, sexual and mental) DO NOT READ THIS BOOK. It is VERY violent and pretty fucked up. i probably wouldn't recommend it, even though i did enjoy the book itself once getting past the first few chapters.