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By the Fates, Freed - Patricia D. Eddy

I have the feeling this is written by a dude. surely no one actuallydoes this in real life?
"You dare disobey me?" Her green eyes flashed with anger, and she raised her hand to spell me, but I hurriedly continued.
"I will not be your consort again. Ever." Her eyebrows shot up and she leaned forward, displaying those beautiful breasts to tempt me.
"Really?" she purred.
"Are you certain now?"
Standing, she flicked her wrist and i watched as her gown fell to the floor, revealing her gloriously naked in front of me. Her breast flushed and a sheen of sweat broke over my skin. I averted my eyes[...]as she stepped off her dais and pressed her body to mine.'


This happened directly after he reported a women being raped and tortured. and that he is currently unable to rescue her and needs assistance - but apparently not before a good root. WTF.