Best Tv Show EVER

Call The Midwife: A True Story of the East End in the 1950s - Jennifer Worth

So of late i have been rather MIA. Partially because i just spent a week at my mother (it was not an easy week) anyways the important part is my mother has netflix and i got my grubby fingers into it and came across this beauty!! which i recall someone talking about on here, something about it being really good and def worth a watch. I ended up binge watching almost all 3 seasons in just a few days!! it was beyond good. I love the emotions and the history and the characters (Chummy <3) it was just an incredible experience watching this, i felt so inspired at times, weirdly educated and somewhat horrified. So now i have to read the books as well, and demand more episodes (though i havent finished season 3 yet)


Thank you random person from months ago for posting about this, i might never had given it the chance otherwise (which im sure my mother would have preferred, lol)





p.s. i think it was Grim? was it you grim? or am i tripping?