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Lion Heart: A Scarlet Novel - A.C. Gaughen

WHAT!? You can't end a whole series there! What's wrong with you? did you just thats good enough they got the gist. NO! I want need the rest!!
Does the king come back? Do they have babies? Did Winchester and Margaret get married? How did Elenor react to her son/the prince loosing his shit? and in front of everyone!? What happened to Prince John afterwards? and poor David!?

[spoiler]why would you kill him off? he was so wonderful [/spoiler]

- plus i felt his character had secrets to explore! Did they involve Allan? Also who is this Allan character? why don't i recall him from the previous book? How am i suppose to live without more Scar and Rob stories?

Alright I'll stop with my whinging - this was truly remarkable read and I'm grateful I was introduced to this incredible series (thanks again Joan for pointing it out to me)
I absolutely love the play on history. I unfortunately don't know much about what actually happened during this time period but from my understanding the author (A.C. Gaughen - who did an excellent job in the re-telling) stuck to a good chunk of whats described in history books but managed to make it much more interesting and compelling for people like myself (people unwilling to read the usual history books cause they can be a little stuffy!) with little changes here and there when she had to make the book more fun for her short attention span reader. I for one loved all 3 books! The characters leapt off the pages and caught my heart with their wonderful quirks - I recall crying and laughing more than once from them. The world building was spectacular, that forest! I know all forest in general look alike and there for not much imagination in needed but this forest made me crave being outdoors, I just wanted to run through the bush jumping mossy logs, climbing trees, swimming scandalously nude in pools of water. It really was beautifully written and made me feel at times that i truly was Scar, just loving the simple beauty of freedom.
Shame her life is for the most part sucky as hell - but then i suppose she wouldn't make the same character i adored the whole way through without all those horrible events. Just a shame we didn't really get to picture her and Robin happy together. The book ended in the middle of a fight for christ sakes! oh well still a really good series even if this wasn't my favorite book (as you should know by now i think it could do with some more pages, I'm a demanding reader like that! lol)

Well its almost 2.30am and i have school work tomorrow so bed time for me.

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