Other news..... What Do I Do????

— feeling question

So i have had my kindle Fire for quite a few years now, I cherish it, more importantly it has books I have collected over the last 4? yrs in it that I have yet to read. The other day when i was in the middle of a very important buddy read my kindle decided to randomly blank some pages, no writing. Doesn't do that on my computer but for unknown and horrid reason my kindle has decided to start doing it. yes yes i could in theory read via my laptop but i detest doing that, that's why i have a somewhat pricey e-book reader. I don't know what to do! is there somewhere i can take it to get fixed? I love my kindle, and thats the only thing wrong with it at the present moment... plus I'm still in the middle of a really good book on there (the above mentioned one, I need to know the ending!) If i take it too a tablet place will they be able to fix it? WHAT DO I DO?