House Hunting is a nightmare!

So i have to move again :(


The problem is I have come across some great houses but none of them are perfect. 

1 - great dude, he's mature, clean, not home all that often. plus its a pretty good house, in a complex so it has a pool, pretty good rent. but the house is small....well its an apartment really. i dont think even my beds and side-tables are all going to fit into my bedroom! though i can store my cap around the household apparently. so there is that. and its on a somewhat busy/main road. so i have to build a cat complex to put my cat in, so he can spend some times outside :( which he's not going to be pleased with but its better than nothing. also the dude has a kid that comes over sometimes, i met him today, pretty cool little dude. plus i can go on the lease if i want and the dude seems really considerate. and some other chilli dude is moving in that the dude knows from work, i have yet to meet him but he sounds alright. so it will be like a little household. not sure about public transport.


2 - massive room downstairs that i would get to myself, i could even set up a little sitting area. problem is its bound to be freezing, its all tile and brick and large glass doors. and the washing machine is just outside and with no carpet the noise will just echo through the room... well at least that what i think it will. and to use the bathroom or kitchen i have to go outside and upstairs then into the actual house, which will be horrid as its coming into winter, ugh think about the mornings *shiver*. though it does have a large backyard, on a quite dead-end street. so saber can roam free to his hearts content and wont get ran over - though there's 2 cats already there, and while saber gets along with other cats he's also a wuss so if there mean i'm worried he'll run away or something. plus the ppl are... well i dont mind them, though i think they drink frequently which would be okay except i dont want to start drinking frequently, but you do when you hang socially with ppl who are also drinking... and there older, they actually remind me of some of my mums friends from years ago, lol. though they seem pretty casual and relaxed. so while i would get my own little area and plenty of space, im afraid i'll loose the little household vibe, and im trying not to close myself off from people. even though the guys upstairs in the actual house are super social and nice im not sure i will get the house vibe with them :/ pretty much same price as the first house. not great public transport but not bad.


3 - move into a new place with my current household. the new house is incredible, it giant, the kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, backyard, walls, design.... just pretty much everything is great! problem is the hole house is carpeted and i have a slight dust mite allergy. plus part of the reason I'm moving is to get away from my housemates, nice people and i like them, but there idea of clean and hygienic and mine are not the same and im worried if we lived on carpet floors the house would smell monstrous 24/7.they say the dogs will stay outside but im not sure they'll commit. plus if they do that will that want my cat outside 24/7 as well? the rent is more $$ as well but not by heaps, but def reaching my max. pretty much what im paying at my current place. though they said they would drop the price if i move in with them, but then i'd have to take one of the smaller stuffier rooms. and if i went into that house i would want the second master bedroom. not sure about public transport. quite road so saber (my cat) could roam free. (only during the day time). oh and i can be on the lease. which is important. for rental history, but is the dogs destroy the house......


then there's other houses i have looked at but those are my top 3 choices for the simple fact that there the most convenient, the housemate options arn't bad and i like the houses for the most part. :/



so yea I'm having issues. and i have to move out by the end of the month!!! O.O