Thoughts on Scotland's Guardians

Scotland's Guardians - Katharina Gerlach

Cute Ending.


So first up I should probably say I received this book from the author, pretty much forever ago. I miss placed it for a while and well the new year came along and I was like hey I have promised to read so many books and haven't done zip. So this year I'm going to read all of them (new years resolution) so I wen't hunting and here we are.


Yes unfortunately me and this book didn't get off to a great start - actually I didn't start to enjoy any of it till the 50% mark, after that I was pretty keen to just sit and read and enjoy the ride.


The first half....errr....well it had some issue's. I had a very difficult  time putting myself into the story - actually I had a difficult time just putting some time aside to read this book, I just wasn't feeling the characters or the world, just nothing. But then it hit its flow, the characters started to become interesting, I wanted to know how they would fix the conundrum they where in, and boy was it a dilemma!

Yea i still never became emotionally attached to anyone, but i did start to feel intrigued enough to stick around which then lead to me starting to enjoy myself - shame this didn't happen from the beginning. I'm not really sure why it didn't... the main character was definitely a part of the problem. I never felt any emotion off her. For a good chunk of the book I thought she might even be a psychopath. At times she was beyond emotionally stunted and at other times she didn't react at all to how you would expect - and I don't mean physically but mentally. When her father is first kidnapped she rushes off to find him, then she gets side tracked for a few hours, maybe a day, then rushes off again likes its super urgent and she didn't just waste all that Then her 'friend' almost gets herself fried/killed trying to save her, and she just belittles this friend and thinks its funny. Which is odd (fucking weird) cause at where also meant to think she's 100% compassionate and concerned for all 24/7? which makes ZERO sense. So that didn't work at all with the story-line. But the Bryanna can't of been the only issue, I have liked other books while detesting the main character. I suppose there was also a pretty big issue of telling rather than showing.... But it can't only be those two issues.... I Don't know, someone more adept than I needs to critique Scotland's Guardians and explain the pro's and con's. I just read for simple enjoyment. Which this book did manage to give me towards the end. Just a little fixing here and there and Scotland's Guardians could be quite good.


The Scottish theme was great and not something I have read much on, which i appreciate. having different culture's represented in books makes things more unique and far more pleasing to read.

Though i don't know the correct myths, language and history, the author seem to do a rather splendid job in this area.


I appreciate the opportunity to read Scotland's Guardians and share my opinions. In the end I did rather enjoy myself and the outcome of the story.

Will I be reading the next book? prob's not, though I suppose we'll have to wait and see.

2.5 Stars.