April Wrap Up

Scotland's Guardians - Katharina Gerlach The Night Circus - Erin Morgenstern

So everyone is doing an April wrap up and i feel left out... so i thought i'd do one as well, even though i barely read any books, the actual number is 2... oh well.


So this month wasn't a great one for me, the two books that I read where alright, but thats about it really - they both had issues that stopped me from devouring them, so i took a little longer than i normal would to read them...like 2 weeks each, oops. Work and school also possibly played a part in my lack of reading, as i have barely had enough time do anything besides those two things, and when i did....well tv won. what can i say? i started watching: Izombie, 12 Monkeys and Almost Human, and they were pretty damn amazing and much more enjoyable then the books i was reading at a snails pace.


So yea... thats my wrap up, i could go into more detail, but i figure if you want to know more you can check out my reviews when i eventually get around to posting them. lol.