So good news I'm not dead. just been a little MIA of late from the internet.
between work, study, struggling to find a place to do placement at, an attempt at a social life, Gym and Tv i felt like i had zero time for anything else. I blame Tv, usually not a problem but of late i have been binge-ing on Izombie, Almost Human and 12 Monkeys. God there SOO good, I'm ridiculously addicted.

It didnt help that my current book The Night Circus couldn't hold my attention for long periods of time, don't get me wrong it had its moments of spectacular-ness (yes thats a word, i just created it) but it just could never hold me for long, and I'd end up getting bored and doing something else, or i just didnt have time. 

I also got my teeth examined and cleaned, cost me a nice $150,  Plus i paid a parking fine, which was a nice little $170 on top. YAY! good news, i need to go back to the dentist again apparently somewhat ASAP which i don't currently have the extra $$ for. oh and did i mention I'm failing at getting a placement for my course? i was suppose to start that last week, not stressful at all. Though i did manage to go to the gym tonight (first time in a week) so that made me feel good about myself! ^_^ not all bad i suppose.
oh and i had yummy yummy cheap pizza for dinner.



food soooo good




anyone else slightly weird-ed out but excited by this?