All The Stars.....

The Girl with All the Gifts - M.R. Carey

Sometimes a story is such a wonderful journey you forget to look deeper than just your pleasurable experience. You don't look at the crucial message beyond the surface words, because you are to busy being carried along with the fantastic stream of words that makes a book. The Girl With All The Gifts did this to me, which is a slight shame cause this book has some deep, wonderful if somewhat concerning (at times) meanings beyond just the incredible words on the page. What made me realise this error in not looking deeper was actually the author. I had been reading this book to and from work for the last few days, I managed to finish the last few chapters this morning with a few more stops still to go, so I thought 'Why not?' lets read what the author has to say. I only got a few questions in but it really opened my mind for the rest of the day about the hidden and not so hidden meanings within this story. (Not always the best thing to be pondering over while I'm meant to be concentrating at work). It impressed me though, with where it had lead me - to a rabbits warren of self questions and theory's about the world and people's humanity.
After work i was (weirdly) extremely excited to see the rest of the interview/Q & A with M.R. Carey, and it was fascinating. Plus the questions at the end are excellent for self evaluation, a great way to find some core values and beliefs about ourselves that can be rather difficult to learn about one's self until pushed and prodded. They are just the sort of questions we really should be asking ourselves more frequently. I encourage you to read them, if you haven't already - after you have read this wonderful book of course.

Now more about the book itself. I must admit to getting caught up in the hype. The first 10 chapters were on the internet as a little sneak peak and they Blew. My. Mind, so much so, that the next day i ran out and bought The Girl With All The Gifts. Though complications arose and i was unable to read this book as soon as i had hoped. So i finally put time aside for it (after finally finishing Jane Eyre - a personal bleh for me) and well i might have put this book on an unfairly high-raised pedestal. Now I'm not saying the book wasn't great, it was, unfortunately it didnt quite meet my ridiculous expectations, so this book get s 4.5 star rating, instead of a 5. Not 100% the books fault I'll admit but then this is my review and thats how i currently feel.

About the rest of the book - i won't go into much detail as i don't wish to ruin the experience.
The Characters were... tricky, the way real people are. They have hidden depths, they do odd things and behave in way only they themselves understand (Maybe i should say as the author understands, being as most people don't seem to have a clue why they do certain things) until later on when we're given more tidbits of history and information so that we can start forming a more accurate and complete picture. Now this is a genius approach, and how i think all characters should be written from now on (even if i was exactly pleased with most of the characters personalities.) Kudos to the author for pulling it off so well!!

The world was in splendid detail. Just enough so that we could fully visualize the world without getting lost and bogged down in the minute things.

The scientific jargon... well i occasionally got lost and somewhat confused, but it sounded important and technical and that has to count for something right? Look I'm not a scientist i don't have to understand the more complicated terminology! ^_-

The important thing is that the story that links all these things together.... incredible. If you haven't read this book yet get ready for an emotionally thrilling somewhat magical journey. (magical in the sense of fantasy)

Side note - apparently there's a movie?? Yes Please!!! sign me up!
Also at the end of The Girl With All The Gifts there was a sweet 5 chapter long sneak peak of The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August which it highly recommended. It was really good, something i clearly need to add to me ever growing TBR list.

Warning: Book contains graphic scene's involving children and animals