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Jane Eyre - Michael Mason, Charlotte Brontë

So if you have been following my status updates you'll already know I have not been a big fan throughout this book. Jane for the most part is okay, actually probably 2/3 of the females in this book weren't terrible, they all had heir faults yea, but in comparison to the males they were almost angelic!
The men portrayed in Jane Eyre had zero good qualities (most of this i summed up to them being extremely self-centered and insufferable) excluding one or two of the male servants - these good qualities i speak of were the simply fact that they didn't screw Jane over or tried to force themselves onto her - not asking for much really, but apparently that was an epic feat in Jane's era. Thank goodness she was unattractive (as we werefrequently reminded) who knows what would have happened otherwise!?

Jane for her part was an...intriguing character to follow, she loved to analyze everything she witnessed, which i enjoyed. Jane was also very accepting of pretty much everyone's faults which is impressive giving her situation - if i had been in the same situation i imagine i'd be more bitter, perhaps had she been her life would have been easier.
Jane suffered a lot at the hands of others, i truly felt for the cruelty that was inflicted on her. You could see the massive impact her childhood had on her adult life.
The fact that Bronte knew enough about the human psyche to right a rather accurate possibility of a childhood filled with such neglect is very impressive. Also how Jane handled people (when she didnt allow them to walk all over her) was great, and suited her personality well.

Now i am not a big fan of Jane's main love interest, personally i thought he was a dick, always belittling everyone under his station. Though my impression from reading this book is that was the norm behavior done by all, especially males who seem to think everyone expect wealthier and more 'handsome' men as their only true equals. *barf* That attitude towards life and other beings personally drove me nuts! in saying that, the main love interest was the better alternative (how sad is that?) the other guy was a complete an utter monster! who frequently used his religious status and family relationship ties as a way to get what he wanted. At one point he claimed "My physical self doesn't want this, God does" I call Bull-fucking-shit. that is a dirty manipulative trick, I'm super offended by this and I'm not even religious!
Plus the first love interest somewhat improved towards the end - he just had to be incredible crippled before he spoke to Jane more like an equal - isn't that what love is all about? -_-

The sisters and the housemaid where pretty much the only somewhat decent human beings in the book, and the only people to sho love and affection without demanding something in return.
Adele.... well half of what she said was in untranslated french (thanks amazon for that -_- cause i can totally read french) So i can't actually judge her character, another issue i had was all the town names except 2 were missing!! they were just written like S----What is that!?! is that a thing?? Plus quite a few sentences stopped mid-way then repeated themselves, overall it was quite frustrating.
One last thing (maybe...i make no promises) is that this book of course is written many years ago, so a few of the words used don't have the same meaning that use to apply - or they arn't current at all - I guessed these later ones to be more of a slang terminology from that particular era. Not a massive deal, but with words that had no current translation a meaning in brackets would have been appreciated. (though this is more nit-picky, not that great of a deal, but still slightly effected the story on the occasion)

Even with all my complaints there were some pluses, such as at times there were few (very few) occasions when i found i had difficulty putting the book down! This was especially true in the last 3? chapters. Though i found the ending a bit abrupt and anti-climatic.

All in all not completely terrible. But not one I'm likely to ever pick up again either. But I'm glad to have it done and out of the way.

I actually buddy read this with my good friend Joan who like it a tad more than i but not by much!!! you can read her review here.

I purchased a free copy of Jane Eyre from amazon. Purchase might not be the right word, does there need to be a transaction of some sort to be classified as purchased?

Rating 1.5 stars!