An Officer's Duty - Review

An Officer's Duty (Theirs Not to Reason Why) - Jean Johnson

Once again a very fun an entertaining read. Though this time around I believe I noticed a few plot holes, but its hard to really pinpoint due to the large amount of details/side-stories. There were also a few occasions when certain sentences were repeated.

Which was slightly annoying, I know the book was spread over quite a few years but those few repeated sentences just seemed very noticeable. Otherwise if you ignore those few small things I'd say good job. I was sucked into the story line, I really enjoyed the characters, the military aspect was great, include space and some amazing tech and abilities and your bound to have a great read! I especially loved the different races, and how they interact - its not in intricate detail, but enough that you get an idea of how different everyone is from the other cultures and species.


I'm (once again) highly looking forward to the next book and more adventures told from Ia's POV. I have no doubt it's going to be very enjoyable. Hopefully this time I'll remember not to leave it so long between books, so i can recall everything more clearly! as there are a million little details to remember!


(Side Note: i totally forgot to do this ^^^^ oops.)