Reading progress update: I've read 228 out of 448 pages.

An Officer's Duty (Theirs Not to Reason Why) - Jean Johnson

228pg - Who ever is playing part of the salik seems to be doing a marvelous job. Ia also seem quite realistic in her reaction. Doesn't seem like a simulation at all!! unless they somehow managed to get their hands on a real Salik for authenticity.??



247pg - I don't know if i should be happy or not at the success Ia had at getting rid of the male love interest. I imagine he'll pop up again but what if he doesn't?
I'm so used to the whole find a man and cling on in books that i usually dislike, so when the opposite finally happens and I don't know if i should be pleased or not. :/



336pg - usually the fight scenes are good. that one was mainly confusing....



424pg "You're not in the military to make friends, are you lieutenant?"
- ugh. I have heard this almost exact sentence quite a few times already and I'm only 2 books in!!