So i read this last year and never got around to typing up my review. Random guess I'm going to rate it 3 stars.

Imaginary Girls - Nova Ren Suma

Opening sentence: Ruby said I'd never drown - not in deep ocean, not by shipwreck, not even by falling drunk in someone's pool.



Well that was bizarre and not at all like i expected. still really good read though. I kind of felt like this book or should i say writing enchanted me, I just wanted, needed to keep reading it, to find out all its secrets, what really happened. Even though this book was filled with stuff that should of been entirely boring i wasn't in the slightest bored. I suppose thats what good writers do, they suck you in no matter whats written on the pages.


The characters were....interesting and to me really American. similar to what i would picture bumpkin american's to be like without the extreme stereotype's.


The ending was not quite what i expected, we were lead at every turn, and even though i knew this book was fiction, for some strange reason i expected it to be written more like non-fiction. but i suppose the younger sister, our protagonist, Chloe has cracked and isn't telling us (the readers) the truth. throughout the book she clearly wasn't a very reliable narrator, so its hard to tell.


Either way i rather enjoyed myself, I'm pleased I randomly stumbled across Imaginary Girls and decided to read it.


Great cover by the way - doesn't completely fit in with the story line but its good. 



Random Quote i enjoyed:


"I looked up into the sky, and her balloons were everywhere, it seemed, the air marred with bloody streaks and littered with demands, and nothing and no one could stop them from coming."