About Me



A - Yes and No, its a complicated answer. though technically im single atm.
B - 3-6-1991
C - No one atm.
D - Coffee.
E - hmmm, probably Nikki.
F - Do i just have to have one? can't i just choose a band?... could i even do that? mmm probably Imagine Dragons.
G - dono... probably 8?
H - Noosa - leas i think of it that way.
I - choc-chip peppermint for sure
J - ummm the pink one?
K - my mind. lol no.
L - 4 years, or friendship 11-12 years.
M - Banana (real banana) or chocolate.
N - 3 half siblings? possibly more (who knows really) and 1 step brother, Grant. (technically i have a few more, but i only speak with him.)
O - Super Powers.
P - Some career person. before that work.
Q - What am i up to?
R - life.
S - hmm something on the radio, i think it might of been that church song about same sex? good song.
T - 3am, 5am, 9am then 11am, lol. i had a terrible sleep.
U - lady birds? red and black?
V - don't really have one, i have good friends i think of as my best friends.
W - hmm David Anders? oh or Jessie Pavelka? possible Simon Baker (though he's a bit old) hard choice really as i don't actually know any of them. ohh and Jenen Akcles!!! I've decided i want all four based soulfully on shallow urges and wants.
X - neck, foot, shoulder, shin and i believe my thigh.
Y - like actually tears? hmmm dono was a while ago. if we're just talking just upset i was actually upset at work just the other day, it was very embarrassing, which made it so much worse. lol.
Z - Gemini's rule!!