I have no fallen off the face of the earth

I have been busy, I'm currently studying for 2 Diploma's (which so far is quite easy, but takes up a good portion of my time) plus I work Casual, which means anything from no work to full time, which is a bitch now that I'm studying. I tend to work evenings/nights, so i often work the night before class and afterwards, which leaves me sleep deprived and grumpy and less capable of forming sentences. Now all this would be perfectly fine except, and this is a BIG except!, i keep finding myself bloody broke. what is happening? why don't I have money? I don't understand and its frustrating me. plus i dislike being hungry, which when i have no $$ t buy food is what happens.


on the plus side of this my social life is looking up, and no I'm not spending all the $$ on that, i usually go to a friends for free dinner (which is awesome) or go out for lunch once a week with friends.

Maybe I'm unknowingly sleep-shopping an spending all my money, but on what? cause i dont see any new books, clothes, animals or shoes and i clearly didnt spend it on food....

I need to budget.

Anyways, i just wanted to let you guys know I'm still alive. just..... off with the fairies. I'll try return ASAP.

but not till i finish watching Suits. because that show rocks my bare feet (i don't like socks)