Somewhat Disappointed.

Fearie Tales: Stories of the Grimm and Gruesome - Stephen Jones, Alan Lee

Well that was not as good as i had hoped, nor was it all that scary. The Ilistrations on the other hand, were absolutely fantastic, they made the book much more pleasant and spooky. kudos Alan Lee for a job well done!!

otherwise there were a few good stories, that i rather enjoyed but the rest left something to be desired.

The Stories i thought deserved a 3.5+ rating:
Peckish by Robert Shearman
Inspired by Hansel and Gretel.
Fraulein Fearnot by Markus Heitz
Inspired by The Story of The Youth Who Went Forth.
The Ash-Boy by Christopher Fowler
Inspired by Cinderella.
The Silken Drum by by Reggie Oliver
extremely well written and encapturing story. I'll have to read more by this author.
The Robber Bridegroom
Which i believe was an original, but i can't say for sure at this time, as i don't have the book on hand.
By the Weeping Gate by Angela Slatter
Abrupt end, otherwise good.
Come Unto Me by John Ajvide Lindqvist
Inspired by Rumplestiltskin
that was a really good and depressing and suspenseful and hopeful. all the feels.

The rest of the short-stories:
Find my Name by Rebecca Campbell
Down to a Sunless Sea by Neil Gaiman - i was highly disappointed in this one, as i have been eagerly looking forward to getting my hands on some of Gaimans work, and this just didnt do it for me.
Open your Window, Golden Hair by Tanith Lee
Crossing the Line by Garth Nix
Look Inside by Michael Marshall Smith
The Changeling by Brian Lumley
Anything to Me is Sweeter, Than to Cross Shock-Headed Peter by Brian Hodge
The Artemis Line by Peter Crowther
The Silken People by Joanne Harris - actually this one wasnt that bad, just not as good as the others.

plus some of the originals weren't as fearsome as i have previously dreaded (secretly hoped for) though definitely darker compared to the modern story-tellings.

Over all, I'm glad i read it, even if i wasnt as stoked with the book as a whole as i thought i would be. As my review doesnt go into much detail, beyond what i did and didnt enjoy i would recommend reading this review, by Annemieke. We have some opposing opinions but overall i like what this person has to say.