well that was silly of me......

Discount Armageddon - Seanan McGuire

So I've been meaning to read this book for ages now, and i finally got my hands on it, problem is i read it a few weeks ago now, and i don't know if i just forgot to write my thoughts down or if i just can't recall where i put them..... So i can't really write a review, it wouldn't be fair as i don't recall all the positives and negatives. Though i do recall some talking mice, who were adorable, and an assortment or other magical critters, most of which were the opposite of adorable. and i do like my critters, so that was a definite plus! and i recall for the most part liking the main characters (there was 3) the cuckoo? being the most fascinating, but i have a vague recalling of them being kind of annoying at times.

anyways, i believe overall i enjoyed the book except for some possible knit-picking issues, and i know i definitely wanted to read the second book, there's a dragon involved and a serious butt-kicking secret society who's out to kill everything non-human, which is bad, just in case you were wondering. So it should be quite entertaining. Until next time.