well..... that did not go like i expected.

Green - Jay Lake

Have you read this monstrosity of a book? at times it is beyond fucked up it blows my mind that i actually managed to finish Green, let me tell you it wasn't easy, there was much struggle and will power involved. I'm not saying this is a bad story, or really completely unrealistic, I know in certain parts of the world similar stuff to what was in this book occurs, but it was just... so difficult to read and accept. I was constantly asking myself why? why continue reading? the answer is I'm a stubborn bitch and i was determined to finish this damn thing, no matter how unpleasant it was at times.

Now forget what i just said, let me tell you the world JL has created was pretty amazing, i absolutely loved exploring the different cultures and races. learning how different they were to each other. The characters... well they were interesting and unique, i despised pretty much all of them, but they were certainly something.
I wasn't super keen on the writing style, and that caused me a bit of issue's at the beginning, slipping from future to past, and 3rd POV all in one paragraph took a while to get the hang of. Plus JL apparent need for extreme descriptions on everything drove me slightly bonkers, yes i get it, most fantasy lovers crave that, such a detailed world, me personally.... well i could of used less detail.

So with all that done and out of the way, I'll just let you know i won't be giving this book a rating, from the sheer unpleasant-ness that occurred on occasion, in saying that this book doesn't deserve a low rating just because of it either, i managed to read it, if it was completely horrendous i wouldn't of bothered.
So for now it shell remain un-starred.
I almost definitely won't be continuing the next book.