pretty decent zombie book.

Red Hill - Jamie McGuire

Not a bad zombie book. I've had problems with multiple POV's in zombie books before, I find I tend not to like the characters much, but this one was pretty great - character wise.

Pretty much everyone had some serious faults but they were realistic ones, including scarlet getting a good portion of the group killed, least she do it out of complete stupidity, thank goodness. The kids were fantastic, I find it hard to imagine facing something like this with kids being involved, it's just so easy for them to forget, to scream, yell or laugh to loud, to leave a door open and really you can't get annoyed at them like you can with an adult because they're just kids. Plus imagine how screwed up it would be in their brains by the time their my age? poor things.
Anyways these kids were great, yea they forgot or didn't know better at times (which i think is mainly Nathan's fault) but they pushed through and not only survived by they flourished, the whole group did (after half of it died, lol).

Really the only problem I had with this book was it sense of time, something would happen and we'd (the reader) have to go over that same something later on with each character, so they could all catch up to one another, I'm not sure how you'd go about it otherwise - following all the characters, the majority of the time - but it felt off, and i would occasionally (especially at the beginning) think that a day or two had passed when we finished one POV and went onto the next, except we actually went back into the past again, to live through the same thing from a different POV, than have to do it all over again for the 3rd POV! see what I mean? odd.

The zombies were good, not as gruesome as the last zombie book i read (Plague Town) but they were still rather scary, especially the coming out of no-where and tackling someone....ugh. and the name they decided upon! for the zombies, absolutely great but weirdly adorable.

I'm quite glad I read Red Hill, yes it wasnt the best zombie book ever, but it was entertaining, worth the read for sure.

rating 3.5 stars.