JA = Awesome.

Don't Look Back - Jennifer L. Armentrout

I know I've said this probably a thousand times before but fuck Jennifer L Armentrout is a talented writer! She writes what YA should be, something everyone can enjoy while keeping it PG. So many authors dumb it down when writing for Young Adults and its rage inducing. JA has believable teenage characters, they have intense hormones, think about the opposite sex frequently and have a habit of making a bigger deal out of something then they should, but their not ridiculous. They don't make me roll my eyes, or cringe at their patheticness, they're real and lovable, faults and all.

Speaking of characters our main character, Sam, was such a trooper. She went through so much and still managed to push through more, really an amazing girl. there were a few other characters who shinned as well, especially sam's brother, Scott. What an awesome lad, sticking up for Sam and helping her out after all that crap. Loving the family bond between these two.

This book was truly fantastic when it came to suspense and mystery. I was literally sweating in anticipation at times, trying to figure out who the bad guy was (which you'll never guess, I didn't at least). JA leads us down many dead ends and i was constantly suspicious of anyone and everyone. I swear the shock on my face when i found out who was the bad guy must of been comical.

Well this book has settled it for me, from now on anything JA writes has my name on it. I have previously avoided her half-blood series but now i have to read it.
Good stuff JA.

hat off to you