Destiny's Star.

Destiny's Star - Elizabeth Vaughan

That was a rather satisfying end. I felt satisfied but still wanted more, just the kind of ending you want really.

I'm not sure if this is the first book or not, through out the book we had glimpses of this 'previous adventure' the re-callings were vague enough to make me think that they were just reminders of a previous story i should have already read. thinking about it now, i should probably check into that, just to make sure.

Destiny's Star itself was great, it had a gripping story line, fascinating world, rich with different cultures.
Amusing and sympathetic characters, the only fault really was at times the writing was a bit off, maybe it needed better editing, but for the most that was only noticeable around the beginning, or maybe i sunk into the book enough after that that i just stopped noticing?
At times i did have a little difficulty becoming re-invested into the story after putting it down for a short period of time, but a few chapters later and i couldn't put the book down! what with its strange beasts, fascinating magic and wonderful diverse characters, even some of the bad guys i felt for.

Best thing is i felt like we just scratched the tip of the iceberg, really we only explored one race/culture. I'm very much looking forward to seeing the others.

Oh one thing i need to say, Storyteller's speech during the... magical thing.... LAME, Not all of it but some of it... ugh. good news, it all worked out well in the end and i was rather pleased with the result.

rating: 3.5 star