So my life just got interesting.

Alright so some of you may know i have been having issue's with my housemate. About 8/9 months ago her bf moved into our house. I was paying half the rent, i asked that we could go 3 ways, her bf pays for himself, my housemate pays for herself, her kid lives there for free and i'll cover the last 3rd for my living cost.

well her bf doesnt have a decent job, wont get assistant or a new job and there for refused to pay, he wont even chuck in when he does get paid, my housemate also refused to cover him. so now i'm paying for half her child's cost and half her bf's cost to live in the house, obviously im not very impressed, i bring it up a few more times. about 4 months later my housemate informs me she is pregnant to her bf (which as i have mentioned above she has only known now for four months, he met her one night and just never left) now her bf is a dick, not only does he speak down to both me and my housemate because obviously he's older and rad as fuck he makes her 4 yr old cry on purposes, by teasing him, granted the kid is easy to make cry, but who does that? let alone a fully grown ass man.

so after this i was like, look he needs to pay or move out, i'm not covering for him anymore. she agreed he wouldn't be here as much anymore. lasted about 2 weeks, maybe a month. i told her i'm moving out on the 15th, she gets a girl to move in on the 9th, so i loose my room and im cramped into a small spare bedroom. 
she ask that i pay a full half for last week and go thirds for this week. i said look, im broke from moving, i'll pay last weeks no problem, but me and new housemate are sharing one half of the house and your using up the rest, i'll go halves with new housemate and pay for this half (the house use to be separate, so its pretty much two houses/apartment attached with no private wall) and you pay for that half, 2 adults this side, 2 adults your side. she of course lost her shit. this was yesterday, she attempted to kick me out after i said she wasnt covering all the cost for her kid living here, and that her bf is a squatter, costigng me hundreds more than it should. probably not the best thing to say, but im annoyed about covering for her shitty bf, so i brought it up. she lost it, i should have been more sensitive, she is five months pregnant and has admitted to having difficulties with her temper of late, but yea so now im moving out. like today. good thing all my shit was packed into boxs cause otherwise i wouldnt of fit it all into this tiny ass room that i almost had to pay a ridiculous amount for.

ahhh good start to 2015 yea?