Some major Briggs love going on here......

Steal the Dragon - Patricia Briggs

What a wonderful book. It also took me zero time to smash through it, and those few hours were such a pleasure, i wish it had lasted longer!

I always knew Patricia Briggs was an amazing and gifted writer, but it still surprises and pleases me how i adore absolutely everything she seems to write. I only know of two or three other authors who can inspire the same reaction, it a kind of incredible feeling.

It was fascinating seeing the same world and people from different perspectives to Aralorn and Wolf. I'm also under the impression that Steal the Dragon is set about 10 years after Masques (though i could be wrong) this makes me a little sad thinking about all the mischief they're gotten up too without me. I wonder where they are now?

Anyways back onto this book. We got to see from more than just two perspectives in Steal the Dragon, but our two main characters were Rialla and Tris. Of course this being a Patricia Briggs novel the characters were absolutely amazing and 100% lovable. They all had incredible depth, with realistic flaws and strengths. Briggs character's never cause me to rage, I love them just as they are.

Watching Rialla try and over come her years as a slave was incredibly sad but uplifting to watch. She had made such progress before going back to being a slave again for the hope of abolishing slavery. such a brave thing for her to do. during her performance as slave/spy she somehow manages to make even more progress defining herself as someone other than a slave. It was a beautiful thing to watch, somewhere she wouldn't of gotten without Tris.

Sorry if this is a bit vague but Steal the Dragon is a story you need to read on your own, i just can't do it justice with my own words.

Patricia Briggs has a way with words, she can turn simple paper and words into full fleshed friends and a world we can almost feel we have experienced for ourselves. seriously if you haven't read her work yet you need to.

I think I'll stop my possible incoherent ramblings here and let you guys decide for yourselves.