Daughter's of the storm - review.

Daughters Of The Storm -  Kim Wilkins

By the end i was rather enjoying Daughter's of the Storm. The constant switch of POV was great. All the characters had different personalities and saw the world through very contrasting eyes, which was wonderful. Too often characters end up sounding the same, I'm glad that wasnt the case here. In saying that it took me FOREVER to warm up to some of the characters in this book, they all had very realistic faults and some i found very difficult to get past (*cough....Rose...cough*) But in the end i truly valued how different each character was and how realistic they all were. Seeing this world through there eyes made Daughters of the Storm so much more.

The details where also quite well done, I usually had an easy enough time picturing the world in my head, and this book wasn't dense with descriptions, which i appreciate. I'm all for setting the scene but nobody wants to be bogged down in the details.

I'm still not sure why that title, maybe i can't think of it right no from the lack of sleep. either way the cover is fantastic, its really the main reason i picked the book up, i just adore it.

Anyhow... I'm very much looking forward to the next book.

Rating 4 stars - Mainly for the originality in characters, whether they were likable or not.