Decent Zombie book.

Plague Town - Dana Fredsti

Pretty decent zombie book. The main character, Ashley, occasionally got on my nerves, but overall i quite liked her. Ashley's 'talents' actually made sense, she wasn't the only one to have acquired them and while it was a rare talent it wasn't the rarest. and i must say how much i appreciate this, to often the main character is ridiculously special, it gets tedious after a while.

Did Ashley's personality grow through out the book? I wouldn't say so, but other characters did, so that sort of made up for it. Plus this book is based over a very short period of time, like a month?

The zombie virus was great, and i thought well explained, well it seemed plausible. On top of that there's some mystery as to how it spread so well, which I'm assuming leads us into the next book, and possibly another part of the world.

Something else i found great was that everyone knew that they were dealing with zombies from the get go, it drives me slightly insane when the characters in a book cant figure it out, like they've never seem a book or movie about zombies? 
The government also has a plan in place in-case anything like this was to occur, which i think is realistic.(Did you hear about the bath salts guy who ate the homeless person's face?) Plus in this book it explained how previous out-breaks had occurred and that major events through-out our history had been used as cover-ups, e.g. Pompeii. On top of that they also claimed zombie books had been purposely released so civilians knew how to react should an outbreak happen. but also with some fiction mixed in to hide the truth so there wasnt planet wide panic.

really besides a few faults with the characters this book was pretty great, Definitely the best explanation yet that i have read, seeming more realistic than most.

The zombies in Plague Town were our classic shambleers which was great. plus they had some truly disgusting gory scenes, which is how it should be when describing zombies.


Overall I'm quite pleased with the book and will be looking forward to the next one. Here's hoping the characters improve.