The book of Deacon - review

The Book of Deacon: Books 1 & 2 - Joseph R. Lallo

Well.... what to say... this story was obviously 'written' by deacon. I like the idea of a fictional character telling us the story of what happened. and the story could of been great, except i couldn't connect with our main character. She's not very bright and annoyingly-stubbornly-naive which constantly makes me wanna bonk this book over her head. After finishing this book I don't think I'm the only one feeling like that, lol. Plus the be amazing at everything gets really old really quickly. Nobody is that good at everything. If she excelled in one thing or another i'd understand but everything? that's just ridiculous.

The other characters where mainly great, some fell flat and felt cliche but others i quite enjoyed, like the dragons and Lain. The magic and secrets within the war were also rather interesting.

all in all while i enjoyed this book i probably wont be reading the next one. I know some people will love and adore these characters, world and all its issues. unfortunately it just isnt for me.... If i got along with the main character more maybe i would have adored this book as well? who knows.

Rating 2.5 stars.
I some what enjoyed it, but not as much as other books i've rated 3 stars.