I just realized....

World After - Susan Ee

I just realized I never wrote a review for this book :/ how annoying.

well first thing i recall, is that while this book is great it sadly doesn't meet the standard made by the previous book, Angelfall. Angelfall was mind blowing fantastic, this book was just great...see the difference?

In Angelfall Pyn showed off her strength, what she was willing to over come to save her sister. This book is more about the other characters, and understanding them.
we learn more about Raf, Pretty much why he i the way he is, and how he came about in the situation he's in. Pyn's insane mother and her crippled baby sister, Paige. We learn what happen to Paige throughout the last book while we were off hunting for her, which is depressing in a way, but i suppose it also brings the world hope. Pyn's mother is still just as amusing and fucked up as always, but we realize she might had a reason for her madness, that sometimes it comes in handy. We learn what people will do when they're scared, which is a frightening thing to read about, I feel sorry for that rebel group when they realize Pyn was right and was only trying to help. 


Oh!!! i almost forgot the best bit, we learn what the angels have been up too!!! ohhhhh when god finds out, boy is he going to be PISSED!

I still enjoy Pyn's ability to lie to herself, she such an amazingly strong girl but every now and then there are just some things she refuses to accept, mainly her feelings for raf, but also the possibility he was a major part in the attack on the world. Its rather cute and endearing that she does this on occasion, i know when she has to or when she's ready she'll face it.

and yea...overall a pretty great book, just not Angelfall great......
looking forward to book 3!!!