Fever - Review

Fever - Mary Beth Keane

Well that was depressing. Realistic I imagine but depressing. It did not go where i was expecting or hoping. I'm not sure what I got out of this book except a renewed sense that people are retarted and have ab additive personalities?
Maybe i was meant to take peice in the thought that no matter how much your world crumbles around you, no matter how much you fight and still loose that you can survive, but i didnt feel that at all. I just felt sad that this situation probably happened to hundreds, thousandds of people back then and nobody really cared nor could anything really be done. Even now something like this situation could happen, (probably not exactly but something similar) and thats one hell of a depressing thought.

Good book though, well written and the characters seemed real. though mary was odd with her detached personality. I ws told from her opinion that she cared but even then it was a bit off. Plus the opinion she had of herself seemed quite jarring compared to outside opinions.

Either way I'm glad to be done. I definitely want to read something more up lifting next.

I was going to put down 3 stars for talent - writing skill, character depth, flow, plus the piqued interests and enjoy-ability before the depressing ending, but i think i'll just go with 2....