possible new home for lost aussie.....

So the place i was looking at fell through, though truth to be told I'm not too bummed. it was somewhat on the small size for 3 girls and was on a school road (Saber is smart, but that smart? well why put it to the test?) plus i like sleeping in.

The other reason why I'm not so bummed is because i've just be all over Gumtree for the last 2 (maybe more hours) like a bad smell and have organised 2 places to look at this week (both in excellent locations) and i have about 15 more on my watch list, I'll contact 2 more at the end of the week, and so forth.etc.  
I've decided Gumtree is the best and everyone should be in awe and love with it.

Who knew i was such an enthusiastic house hunter? I should make this a career! :P just kidding.