The Shifter - Review

The Shifter - Janice Hardy

besides the ending being ridiculously cheerful with an annoying go get them attitude, and the over-whelming amount of crying done by Nya from guilt this book was actually pretty good. it was a quick fun read. I overall enjoyed the main character, Nya and the main side characters. i found them amusing, strong, brave and usually compassionate in a world that has become terrible and war stricken. I wander if all places taken over look like this afterwards? it was truly horrid. These wonderful characters just made it all the more heart wrenching, they werent monster but people having to live with suffering done by others, just because they look different and had useful resources. that alone could of made this an interesting book, add in incredible talents, like taking pain or giving it, plot twists and multiple villains.... well the book was entertaining thats for sure!

We dont really know much about the rest of the world at this time, only vague mentions of other places that have been taken over and a distant country not controlled by the duke, but i believe that we'll learn more about them in future books, sounds like Nya might have some travelling to do. which im pretty excited about.

I smashed through this book in maybe 2 days? and that was with work. at the start i had so much difficulty putting it down i almost missed my stop on the train twice! after that i stopped taking my book with me, lol. So a great start to a new series, hopefully to only get better from here.

Now a little something from inside the pages...

"Done." He stood and offered his hand. I shook it, wiping it on my pants afterwards. He grinned at that and gestured toward the door. "think about my offer, dead. I could make you rich."
He probably could. After all, he'd already made me a monster.'

If you enjoyed books like, Touch of Power and The Magician's Apprentice, with magical abilities and a life like feeling world then you'll probably enjoy this book, though i dont think its quite up to their standards it isnt far off.